I am (apparently) a picky eater

My embarassing pee

I am missing the pool.  Exercise.  Who would’ve thought?

Yep, I've got a leaky bladder which I used as an excuse not to swim for the past several years.

Today I purchased an Adult Containment Swim Brief to go under my swimsuit.  A swim diaper for adults, if you will.  According to the company, "This pant is intended for bowel containment; however it will protect a certain amount against urinary leakage."

I’ll write more once I’ve tried it.  Stay tuned.

And I've only just recently found the Home Delivery Incontinence Supplies (HDIS) website. According to their website, they’ve been around since at least 1986. [How did I not know about them??]

I may be late to the party, and everyone else may already know, but IMHO this is a great service in the U.S. for anyone in the lower 48, let alone MSers.   I only have bladder problems but this service is good for both!

They offer Variety Packs of a few samples of several different brands, sizes, or types of product for when you're not sure which will work best for you [GENIUS!], and also offer free shipping on every order delivered to the contiguous U.S.

They can provide express or overnight shipping, even international shipping, for an additional charge, and “ship every order in discreet, unmarked, plain brown boxes.”

Nothing found here should be considered medical advice. Please consult your doctor before making any changes.


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