Today was a 4

The scooter

The rental: Go-Go Elite TravellerI live a scant 500 yards from an indoor, semi-public pool (it's on the property of the local high school but is managed by the Parks & Rec). 

I pay a fee every month to use it. 

I know that swimming is ideal exercise for me because over-heating is of great concern. 

But I can't comfortably manage the walk up the steep slope to get to it, and my legs are like rubber walking home. 

It's like trying to navigate through hardening cement, and is so exhausting that I need to take a nap when I get back. 

So yesterday, I rented this scooter to try it getting me there and back.  Yay!

Unfortunately, I can't use it yet because I live on the downslope and can't get it up to street level on the loose gravel.  Fortunately, he'll be back tomorrow to help me.  I'll keep you posted!

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