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My diagnosis in review

8-months check-in

I've been feeling discouraged that my mobility still is bad and seems unaffected by this diet experiment even though my bladder urgency seems much improved.  I was recounting this to my therapist and musing about whether the diet was actually helping or if the improvement I am seeing is just the natural fluctuation of the disease.

She pointed out that I had actually identified four big improvements since starting this experiment:

  1. Cognition.  My fuzzy-brain feeling has all but vanished.  I hesitate to say it is gone for good, but I can't remember the last time I experienced it.
  2. Energy.  I can get up at 7:30, work a full day, watch TV at night, do a stint on the elliptical machine then get into bed at 10:00 and read for a bit before turning out the light.  My energy levels are definitely better.
  3. Fatigue. Related to my energy level and my experience of fuzzy-brain but, as my doctor pointed out, one of the most common complaints of M.S., the multiple-system failure that is fatigue.  I still notice it when I get overheated, but recovery seems to come quicker, usually within a day rather then lasting a week.
  4. Incontinence.  The subsiding of bladder urgency was one of the first things I noticed and the incidence of "accidents" has gone way down too.

Also, I have adopted some great alternatives to things I don't eat and am back down to a comfortable weight.

We talked about the fact that it had been eight months so far and she asked me how I would feel if I stopped now and then a month later, for example, again started to notice declines in these improvements.  Would I feel it was prudent to resume it at that point, even if it meant I had to wait another eight months to get back to where I am now?

No. It makes more sense to at least finish out the year.

Nothing found here should be considered medical advice. Please consult your doctor before making any changes.


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